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Manifestation #2

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

So... I've got a testimony! The word on my heart is manifestation; it's is the process of making an intention real. To manifest something is to acquire something into your physical life by thinking about it, feeling its real, or believing it's meant for you.

So recently, I have been talking about being more intentional about booking speaking engagements. I had focused my thoughts and my actions towards manifesting opportunities for myself. Within two weeks of those thoughts, I was asked to speak at 4 separate events (three in Liberia and one in France). My thoughts and desires manifested these opportunities. I believe that God gives us everything that we ask for. The bible says, "ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find." I'm a living testimony that those words are true.

So here are the steps I took to manifest my goal. First, I had a clear vision. I know that I have been called to speak into the lives of people. #2: I am convinced that this is my purpose because my desire for speaking makes me happy and excited every time I think about it. #3: My energy was focused. I put all my energy towards thoughts of being a speaker. #4: I completely believed that I would get what I asked for without the slightest doubt. #5: I am grateful to God and I thank him daily for answering my prayers, even before he answers them; as if I already have it. I walk around with a gratitude rock given to me by a Missionary and every time I see it, I say thank you for something in my life. #6 I intentionally prepared topics, and PowerPoint presentations for talks I had planned to be booked for, because that's how much I believed that I would be asked to speak on those topics one day soon. Lastly, I focused my mind, soul, and energy towards getting what I asked for and in 2 weeks, look at how God worked in my life. 4 fantastic opportunities to bless others.

Try these steps I shared! You got this!

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