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Who Is Shoana Cachelle

Shoana Cachelle is a multifaceted force, excelling as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, motivational speaker, TV host, and brand strategist. Following her graduation from Temple in 1999, she channeled her passion into establishing Cachelle International, a Photography and Graphic Design firm that has evolved into an umbrella for impactful non-profit projects.

Under this umbrella are endeavors like Cachelle Connection, promoting talent; Cachelle’s School Of Promise, a haven for orphans; Cachelle Natural Hair & Makeup Salon, fostering young women’s business initiatives; and Cachelle Fearless Marketing Group, a leading strategic media and advertising firm in Liberia.

In addition to these initiatives, Shoana introduced a Job Training Initiative, focusing on business management, computers, photography, and customer relations for young males. She initiated a Teacher’s Training Program, educating young men and women in early learning and elementary educational skills, and pioneered the first Creative Arts Preschool in Liberia.

Over the past 15 years, Shoana has provided stable jobs to over 500 Liberians, hosted 50+ creative arts camps for 3500 children, trained teachers, nurtured performing artists, and currently manages one of Liberia's top marketing agencies.

In response to the pandemic, she launched Social Biz 101, aiding over 150 global Entrepreneurs in business growth, relationship building, and network expansion across the globe.

Shoana's recently published memoir, "Who Said It Was Gonna Be Easy," reflects her remarkable journey. Recognized as a Women in Africa Laureate and in the Global Top 100 African Women in Leadership 2023, she holds distinctions as TOP 23 Most Influential People in Liberia 2023 and Top 50 Most Industrious Women in Africa 2023.

Shoana, dividing her time between Liberia and the US, seamlessly bridges her global impact and continues to inspire through her relentless dedication.

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