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Our daily lives consist of several components.

To grow a strong lifestyle brand, you must make sure that

all areas of your life are healthy and flourishing.


SOCIAL BIZ 101 COURSE: You will understand how social media and business building go hand-in-hand. You will be able to, not only, conquer the fear of networking, but transform those network connections into business leads. You will gain confidence on camera, along with a deeper understanding of the necessary skills, tools, and equipment needed for a total brand transformation on social media. The course begins with creating your brand story. The final outcome is a business owner who possesses the necessary skills needed to confidently promote their brand on the right social platforms, in order to truly elevate your business globally.


THE BIZ BUILDING UNIT: Membership Program

The BBU membership program was designed to get you featured and noticed while growing your global network. Train with the pros and get access to all the latest tools to help leverage your business. It is recommended that you take the Social Biz 101 course first, in order to experience real growth results.

SOLOMON STRONG: Flagship Fitness Program 

This was created to help entrepreneurs take the best possible care of themselves in these uncertain times. We’re all about, trying to maximize your overall fitness in the time you have, starting at your current fitness level. The 3 at-home programs are all designed to be both fun and extremely effective while utilizing minimal equipment, and very little time.

Workout Lesson
On the Phone

Join our Live Your Brand Mastermind Group. We are a global community of entrepreneurs on a journey to grow our businesses. This mastermind helps leaders make proactive and smart decisions through brainstorming, problem-solving, peer accountability, and support from other group members with a like-minded vision and focus.

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I'm thrilled to invite you to our growth trainings. Each month we host live trainings for new and seasoned entrepreneurs.

I'll be dropping some gems and answering your questions!

Click the link to watch!

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Watch IGTV @shoanacachelle (Instagram)

or tune in here to replay powerful and uplifting conversations with inspiring men and women who turned their passion into profit while using their God-given talents. 

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