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The Biz Unit membership program is designed to get you noticed while growing your global network. Train with the pros and get access to all the latest tools to help leverage your business.

*It is recommended (but not a requirement) that you take the Social Biz 101 course first, in order to experience real growth results.

A Monthly Highlighted Business Spotlight in our growing global LYBM Facebook Mastermind Community.

Access to private Whatsapp Alert Group. Receive quick alerts about upcoming events, new tools,  courses,  marketing tips, and more. 

Access to the replay of weekly cohort trainings.

Access to monthly small group zoom mentorship meetings.

Get added to the BIZ-UNIT business directory.

Go LIVE with Shoana on Instagram, Facebook, and the Mastermind group. 

Invitation to live monthly growth trainings

Hey Hey Boss!

Biz Unit Membership Program

I’m Shoana, your Coach and biz builder. Welcome to the BIZ-UNIT. Becoming an exclusive member teaches you how to redefine your brand, step out of your comfort zone, increase your network, and build real authentic relationships with your clients and potential clients. 


There isn't better time than now to make your brand a priority. It's time to get noticed and turn those leads into profit.

Warning: If you are not a Certified Cohort Grad and you access this offer, you will be denied membership access without a refund.

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